The Millennial Recruit

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The Five Secrets for Attracting, Managing and Retaining The Millennial Recruit

Recruiting is down. Production is down. Retention is down. Life insurance sales are down. Focusing on organic recruiting growth is down – and now it is a rare exception. More than 1,000 life insurance companies have disappeared in 20 years, and some of the largest (AIG, MetLife) at one time were household names. The bottom line is they couldn’t recruit, retain and get sufficient production to save their career system while using the same systems the industry still embraces today. That alone should sound the panic alarm. 

In 1999, agent retention was 89%. Twenty years later it is . . . you guessed it, 89%.1 While no retention progress has been made, the career agent field force also has diminished by more than 50%. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours have been spent to correct the course, but everyone is still doing the same thing: recruiting, onboarding and compensating very similar to how we did it in 1980. It’s called groupthink – convincing ourselves as a group that if we just stay the course and do it better, it will all work out. 


If you want to attract and keep the best Millennial workers (more than 56% of today’s workforce) you need to be willing to adopt new methods to get the results you need. In other words, rethink your recruiting, training and management policies, and do it now.2

The old ways are not working, and the current path is headed for further management and company displacement if you can’t adapt to the new Millennial generation. You’re currently doing it wrong. Here is how you can do it right . . . and change your outcome. 

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